In accordance with AZ State recommendations and to keep our dance family healthy and safe we have enhanced our safety features. Please stay tuned for our Fall Schedule 
and thank you for your continued support.

Uptown Phoenix's Newest Dance and Performing Arts Studio. Formerly Cannedy Performing Arts, AZ Dance District is now under new ownership by Rendee Combs.

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Class format will include exercises at the barre, center floor and across-the-floor (traveling) technique. Focus on flexibility, control and strength are emphasized. Ballet vocabulary is introduced and memorization is required.

Classes include an extensive, proper warm up conducive to movements being introduced in class through isolations, across-the-floor (traveling) movements and choreography. Jazz dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of turns and leaps based from Ballet technique while incorporating various unique styles of movement.

Dancers will develop rhythm, timing and sound. Classes will incorporate rigorous footwork, coordination and speed to develop the proper technique
and produce clear sounds. Various styles of choreography from Broadway to rhythm will
be taught.

Focuses on fundamental acrobatic technique and conditioning such as core exercises, forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, back bends as well as balance and flexibility/contortion tricks and partnering work.

Focuses on fundamental hip hop styles such as: B-boying or B-girling (Break dancing), liquid, house, tutting, dancehall, and hip hop choreography. Students will also explore free-styling or improv dancing to help with not only recognizing the beat and tempo of different songs, but to also build their own personal style, groove and confidence.

Basic movement and dance vocabulary is taught in the Ballet and Tap genres.  These classes also incorporate creative movement through other dance disciplines such as, musical theater, jazz, tumbling and
the use of props.

Expressive music is played in class for students to learn how to tell a story through dance using a range of different emotions. Movements are characterized by grace, fluidity and powerful technique such as leaps and turns. Ballet technique is crucial in Lyrical dance and taking Ballet class is strongly recommended.

A style of dance combining elements of several different dance genres including (but not limited to) Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Lyrical. Versatility and Improvisation (freedom of movement) are taught along with floorwork. Ballet technique is crucial in this genre of dance and taking Ballet class
is strongly recommended.



Monday through Friday

4 hours of classes per day


For Performance & Competition Teams

Fall Schedule Starts!


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